Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In honor of National Infertility Awareness week:

I am 1 of 8

I am part of the ONE in EIGHT couples struggling to 
                          conceive a child 
I am sick of tests, tests and more tests
I am longing to be called "mommy"
I am scared and afraid I'm waiting for something that my 
                           never happen
I am....

I am continually disappointed of all the failed procedures 
I am NOT alone
I am going to preserve and keep trying
I am working 3 jobs to afford treatment
I am number 403200200 according to my insurance company
                          but I have a face
I am a person with a name
I am waiting...
I am waiting for the day I can stay up for 3 am feedings
I am angry when others complain about these things...
                         at least they have the chance
I am waiting for the moment when I see my child's face for
                           the first time
I am stronger than I ever thought possible
I am better educated
I am willing to go through this a million times over if it 
                     means I'll be a mom
I am dreading mother's day - because I'm not one
I am living childfree but not by choice
I am grieving the loss of a child I never had
I am not staying silent because I can make a difference
I am choosing to speak up and speak my mind
I am not giving up

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