Thursday, April 26, 2012


Sometimes when things get serious, a good laugh is all that it takes to make it through the rest of the day.  Like all couples in our situation trying to have a baby, life is filled with serious, sad  and embarrassing moments.  A few days back I decided my read up on other peoples' blogs about their infertility struggles.  It keeps me sane to know I'm not alone.  So I came across a great posting titled:  My Vagina is Signing Autographs.  The title intrigued me. Part of it read "I think a total of four people saw my vagina.  As I was leaving, I was really tempted to ask if there was anyone else that wanted to look...but decided against it.  I wouldn't want my vagina to start getting a celebrity complex.  She may feel like she needs to start signed autographs..........One of the many things I appreciate about my doctor is her sense of humor.  After we discussed a few things and were ready to get going on procedures she said to me 'now, this is the part where we get to see how many things we can put up your vagina.'  Genius.  Anyone who can turn this into a game is good in my book."

It's soooo true.  We feel more like a body part than a person.  Sometimes humor is a good way to deal with it all.  The doctor sees our who-ha's more than our faces.  At one point too, I was beginning to wonder how they'd recognize me with clothes on.  If something ever went down in the clinic, I'd hate to see that police line up.  I'll be good and ready for childbirth with all the practice....not to mention with sometimes 3 to 4 weekly appointments, I'm sure "things are getting stretched out."  Let's face it, no woman enjoys having her business displayed out for all to see and definitely doesn't like strange tools being put into no man's land.  It's uncomfortable and even though these folks are professionals, it's still embarrassing.  It's down right annoying when your MALE doctor says things like "I know it hurts." you (in my most sarcastic voice)?  Unless you were born with a vagina and uterus and had a sex change, I doubt that.  How'd they like it if we turned it around on them and checked out their junk while trying to fit various tools inside.  But we go through all this knowing it's a step closer to fulfilling our dreams.  

My husband had the opportunity to go to his first gyno appointment with our reproductive endocrinologist the other day and no he wasn't the one being examined....keep in mind that more "stuff" is going on than a typical yearly appointment with a regular gynecologist.   I think he had an eye opening experience and hope he has a better appreciation of what it's like to be a woman.  I had to yell at him on numerous occasions to be serious.  All jokes aside, while it's a bit funny now, at the time when you are vulnerable and scared you need support and NOT someone to make you feel worse.  No man could ever begin to relate.  

I remember when I was embarrassed to talk about things such as my period and sex.  Now I can have conversations where I say the words, penis, vagina, sperm, sex and insemination all in one sentence.  Some of that embarrassment wears off pretty quickly when you are forced to talk about it.  What are people so afraid of and embarrassed of...we all have similar parts? 


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