Tuesday, October 6, 2015


After failing miserably with keeping up with this blog "post infertility" (if there is such a thing), I've decided to rename and repurpose this blog.  Originally this blog was started a few years back in the midst of infertility treatments.  Not only was it cathartic, but it was an outlet to educate friends, family and anyone who'd listen and who's interested on the topic of infertility.  Upon numerous comments posted, it proved to be helpful to enough people out there struggling (including me)!  It seems a shame to give up writing about something I know so much about and something that is so close to my heart.  Afterall it has shaped who I am!   Just because our attempts to have a child finally came to fruition, doesn't necessarily mean that we have "beat" infertility and still don't have issues and feelings that arise.  Our sweet baby girl finally came into the world 16 months ago and life will NEVER (thankfully) be the same...but I must admit there are still several times when infertility feelings rear their ugly head.  So with some soul searching I've decided to re-name this blog from "Our journey to the baby bump" to "Our journey to the baby bump: before, during and "after" infertility".  I am doing what I like and do best and like to think helping a few people along the way.  Stay tuned for some upcoming posts.  

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  1. Congratulations for your baby, I hope I can be one of the mothers who after years of infertility can share their joy with others.